Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells the I-Fitting in the U.S.?superlok faq
Mako Products, LLC is the exclusive source for Superlok I-Fittings in the USA.
Is Superlok a new company/fitting?
Superlok is BMT’s brand of stainless steel products. BMT has been manufacturing products for 25 years. Their largest market is Europe and Asia where the Superlok fittings are used in high end applications such as aerospace, energy and nuclear industries.

While the fittings have been proven as premium quality for a long time, the new Superlok I-Fitting patented red rings are a recent technology. The I-fitting is the exact same Superlok fitting, but with the added red ring gauge for a secure connection every time.

There is no other product on the market like it!

Are the Superlok I-Fittings guaranteed?
We have a lifetime replacement guarantee on the Superlok I-Fittings. We are not aware of any other fitting line that backs it’s product with that kind of guarantee.
Can I see the Warranty on the Superlok I-fittings? 
BMT WARRANTY: BMT warrants that Superlok tube fittings shall be free from defects in material and workmanship for the life of the product.
The purchaser’s solution shall be limited to replacement and installation of any parts that fail through a defect in material or workmanship.
Superlok tube fittings are manufactured in order to be 100% interchangeable with other tube fittings currently on the market. Superlok fully warranties the compatibility of it’s fittings with other manufacturers, provided the same strict manufacturing practices and tolerances are held by those manufacturers.

MAKO PRODUCTS WARRANTY: All products distributed from Mako Products, LLC are guaranteed free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from the date of shipment. If the product is determined to be defective within that period, the product will be replaced at no charge to the buyer if it falls under one or more of these specific conditions: (1) product failure is a result of a manufacturing defect and not damaged from an accident, alteration, misuse, abuse or any corrosive fluids, (2) the product was installed with proper care and operating practices, (3) proper notice and description of defective product is recorded to Mako Products, LLC before the product is shipped back from the buyer. Shipping expenses should not be assumed until they have verification from Mako Products, LLC.


What is the return policy? 

1. ERRORS: Regarding clerical or shorthand work – all quotations, orders, confirmations, invoices and other documents are subject to correction.

2. RETURNS: Before products are returned, the correct form of authorization must be recorded to Mako Products, LLC. Buyers must acquire acknowledgement that an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) was created of the items being returned with the precise quantity for maximum assurance of returned credit. Shipping expenses should not be assumed unless they are verified from Mako Products, LLC. For guidelines on free returns refer to ERRORS. Customer specified items are deemed non-returnable.

3. RESTOCKING FEE: Large quantities of product returns may include a re-stocking fee.

4. TRANSIT DAMAGE: Notification to Mako Products, LLC is required if loss, damaged or a shortage on products via carrier should occur. All claims should be made within five days after receipt of shipment. Loss or damage to materials is the responsibility of the carrier.

5. CANCELLATION: Any regular stock item on back order is considered free of any cancellation fee if the buyer wishes to waive the item. For special manufactured items, the cancellation charges could be up to 100%.­­­­

How do I demonstrate the fittings?
Explain the standard tube fitting tightening procedure of inserting the tubing into the tube, hand tightening the nut, marking the fitting nut and body and then adding 1 ¼ turns. Most end users are not aware of the correct tightening procedure and they over tighten or under tighten fittings. This makes an unsafe connection and  can waste fittings unnecessarily. Further, the hand tightening procedure is not always accurate. When the inserted tubing is not in perfect alignment or there is debris in the threads, the hand tightening step may stop up to a full turn short of the necessary stopping point. Such unreliability on all other brands of fittings being installed is dangerous. This is the very reason the Superlok I-Fitting solves the big problem in the industry! A skilled or unskilled worker can install fittings correctly without safety issues or waste. What customer would not want to buy safer fittings that are faster to install and save money by ending the replacement of incorrectly installed fittings?

To demonstrate The I-Fitting for customers:

1)Remove the ferrules from the fitting.
2)Hand tighten the nut until the red rings break apart … That’s it!

(The red rings can be re-used for demonstration by simply snapping the rings back together on the fitting. The red rings are essentially a gauge that is installed on the fittings. Separate tube fitting gap gauges are sold, but are rarely used by installers. Now, each of our fittings comes with it’s own gap gauge.)

Are the fittings interchangeable?
The Superlok fittings are independently tested and guaranteed to interchange with all major brands.
Are the Superlok fittings double or single ferrule?
Superlok manufactures both options and we carry both.