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Threaded Ball Valves

By Mako Products

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Threaded Ball Valves

Mako ball valves are quality built for smooth torque and leak free performance. Our ball valves are available in 316 stainless steel or carbon steel options with threaded connections. Additional options include: Fire-safe, full port, reduced port, locking handle, on-piece, two-piece seal welded, 1000 PSI and 2000 PSI.

Mako ball valves are the right choice for quality and performance at a very competitive price.



1,000 PSI
All 316 Stainless
1 Piece • Regular Port
Available in 1/4″ through 2″



2,000 PSI
A105 Carbon Steel • 3016 SS Ball
1 Piece • Regular Port
Available in 1/4″ through 2″



2,000 PSI
All 316 Stainless
2 Piece • Full Port
Available in 1/4″ through 2″



2,000 PSI
A216 Carton Steel • 316 SS Ball
2 Piece • Full Port
Available in 1/4″ through 2″



3600 PI / Class 1500
All 316 Stainless
2 Piece • Full Port
Available in: Full Port 1/4″ –  1-1/2″ & Reduced Port 2″


6,000 PSI / Class 2,500
All 316 Stainless
2 Piece • Full Port
Available in: Full Port 1/4″ – 1-1/2″ & Reduced Port 2″

Threaded Ball Valves by Mako Products

Mako Products provides the most durable and reliable ball valves currently on the market. Mako ball valves offer superior quality and efficient flow control, saving costs for oil & gas supply, chemical plant supply, manufacturing supply, and many other flow control industries across North America.

Mako Products’ ball valves are female threaded ball valves that come in stainless steel and carbon steel options. Mako Products can also provide additional ball valve options including flanged, instrumentation, cryogenic, and high pressure ball valves.

Mako Products’ top-quality ball valves are available in a variety of sizes and options, such as locking handles, one or two-piece seals, fire-safe, and different PSI options. The standard Mako Products ball valves have Teflon seats, seals, packing and thrust washers. All Mako threaded ball valves come in full port, full bore and reduced port, reduced bore options. All superior ball valves by Mako Products are made in the USA.

Fire Safe Ball Valves

  • Delrin seats and thrust washers
  • Floating balls
  • NACE MR-0175 Compliant
  • Fire Safe Approved per API 607 5th Ed.
  • Blow-out proof stems
  • Available in 3,600 PSI and 6,000 PSI options

Stainless Steel vs Carbon Steel

While comparing ball valve options, look at the industry and environment which you will be using Mako Products’ exclusive ball valves and examine the factors that could affect their productivity:

  • Benefits of Stainless Steel ball valves?
    • Corrosion resistant – added chromium which carbon does not have enough of
    • Higher and wider working temperature range
    • Not going to take damage like brass will
    • Longer life cycle – more costly but possibly save money over time
  • Benefits of Carbon Steel ball valves?
    • Mix of Iron and Carbon
    • More cost-efficient than stainless steel for tight budget
    • Carbon steel is more likely to rust than stainless steel – which results in shorter replacement periods
    • Can be used in areas where pressure and temperature make other materials unusable

Locking Handles

Locking Handle ball valve options offered by Mako Products Include:

  • 2006HLS series
  • 2006HLC series
  • 2017KS series
  • 3600S series
  • 6000S series

After considering the benefits and options available, we are confident you will find that ball valves supplied by Mako Products will increase your fluid or gas flow efficiencies, work harder under harsh temperature and environmental conditions, have a longer life cycle, and be an overall cost-saving solution.

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