Thanksgiving Trivia

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How many Thanksgiving Trivia questions can you get right?

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Submissions will be accepted until 10 a.m. on November 15th.


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1. What year was the first Thanksgiving feast held?

A. 1700

B. 1621

C. 1648

D. 1577

2. Where was the first Thanksgiving Day feast held?

A. Concord, Massachusetts

B. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

C. Plymouth, Massachusetts

D. Jamestown, Virginia

3. Which of the below shows airs on television on Thanksgiving day?

A. Kentucky Derby

B. The Stanley Cup

C. Daytona 500

D. National Dog Show

4. Which President actually declared Thanksgiving a national holiday by proclamation?

A. George Washington

B. Abraham Lincoln

C. Andrew Johnson

D. Theodore Roosevelt

5. Which of these foods was not a main dish at the first Thanksgiving?

A. Maize

B. Venison

C. Fish

D. Lobster

6. Which state does not have a town named after today’s traditional Thanksgiving feast “headliner”?

A. Texas

B. Arkansas

C. Massachusetts

D. West Virginia

7. There is a tradition where the National Turkey Federation presents a live turkey to the President each Thanksgiving. What does the president do with the turkey?

A. the President gives the turkey to the Vice President

B. the President pardons the turkey allowing it to live out its days on a farm

C. the President has the turkey served for Thanksgiving

D. the President donates to a family in need

Please email your answers to [email protected] or use the provided button.